Beyblade Mod for Minecraft PE

Beyblade Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14
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Probably every child has played the Beyblade. And the meaning of the game is to launch a spinning toy with your friend or a couple of friends. And the winner is the person whose toy spins on the arena for the longest time. It sounds pretty simple, but it is beautiful.

So, the Japan game is now available to play in the cubic world. So, read this guide to learn how to use and what Beyblade mod adds to Minecraft PE. Let’s get started!

Beyblade Mod for Minecraft PE

To start, you need to know that installing this mod will add 16 spinning toys to Minecraft. Of course, it is a small number of Beyblades compared to the total number of toys in the anime series, but it is still valuable, as it is the only representation of Beyblades in Minecraft PE.

Honestly, these Beyblades do not differ from each other like in anime. The only difference between Beyblades is the color, and that’s cool. Both beginners and advanced players will be in the same conditions, which is excellent. So, pick the most colorful Beyblade to stand out among all players.

So, when it is completely clear what the Beyblades are in Minecraft, let’s find out how to use these toys. To spin the toy, you need to use a particular command. Unfortunately, there are no options to get Beyblades in survival mode. Therefore, make sure you turn on cheats on the map you will use to play Beyblade. Otherwise, the command will not work.

And when you make sure that cheats are turned on, you can use the command /function summon_all_beys. All 16 toys will appear in your hands, and you can use them whenever possible. However, you need to invite friends and build a particular Beyblade arena before doing it. The more friends you ask, the giant arena you need. But do not forget about the limit of 16 players.

In conclusion, the Beyblade mod will allow you to play exciting minigames inside Minecraft, and that’s great. Moreover, you can use this modification on your public server, making it more interesting. However, to install it or not is only your decision.