Block Hunt Maps for Minecraft PE

Block Hunt Maps for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.19.2
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At the moment of writing in Minecraft, there is an uncountable number of different mini-games. There are games from real life, such as Hide and Seek, and custom mini-games, like bedwars. One of the best custom Minecraft mini-games in Block Hunt. Please read this guide to find out what Block Hunt is and what are the best maps for Block Hunt. 

What is the Block Hunt in Minecraft PE

Block Hunt is an updated option of the classic Hide and Seek game. Honestly, this minigame is not only in Minecraft. Many other games, such as Counter-Strike, and GTA, has the same game mode.

So, on every map, there will be one seeker and one hider. However, instead of the natural form like in traditional hide and seek, hiders will transform into blocks or other Minecraft shapes to hide. And they will be given a few minutes to do it. Therefore, finding them for seekers will be much more complicated, especially when the map is complicated and has a lot of details.

When it is completely clear what the Block Hunt is, let’s continue with the two best maps for this minigame. Be sure they are the best options to play with friends or launch your public servers.

Original Block Hunt Map

On this map, players will be divided into two groups: hiders and seekers. So, there might be more than one seeker, making hiding more complicated. And the specific feature of this map is that it is not hard. Therefore, you will get used to it fast, and the block hunt will no longer be interesting for you. That is the disadvantage you need to keep in mind.

However, this map is the best option for beginners to start playing block hunts. As simple, you can practice and create your strategy playing by hider or seeker. After that, you will be able to play more challenging maps.

Treasure Hunt Map

The rules of block hunt on this map are different than on a previous one. So, players will be supposed to find hidden treasures, but not each other. And to win, you need to find treasures faster than others.

Every player will be provided with special items, one of those is fireworks. One more thing you need to know is that this map has a lot of details and buildings. And it makes it unsuitable for beginners, which is the only disadvantage of the treasure hunt map.

Original Block Hunt
0.14.0 – 1.19.2
Treasure Hunt
0.14.0 – 1.19.2