Coin Block for Minecraft PE

Coin Block for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14
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If you find not enough interesting blocks in Minecraft PE, then you need to install block mods for Minecraft. However, the problem is that there are a lot of poor-quality mods that will give you nothing but lost time. And in this guide, you will find out about one of the blocks mod that is worth installing. So, no time to lose, let’s get started.

Coin Block Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, only one block will appear in the game: the Coin Block. It is the poisonous yellow block that you will find in the cave. And to destroy the Coin block, you need to use an Iron or Diamond pickaxe. 

This block will give you a new item – MineCoins. These coins will be used to trade with villagers. And here is the disadvantage. The point is that by installing this modification, villagers will require only coins; they will not need other resources. Just keep in mind before installing this mod. 

The problem with emeralds appears as the villagers will not require other resources. In the original Minecraft, emeralds are used for trading with villagers, and this modification devalues this function of the emeralds.

Last but not least disadvantage of this modification is that MineCoins have poor functionality. Of course, trading with villagers is good, but it seems that there are many other things that you might do with coins in Minecraft. However, developers have announced that they will make some useful updates for cash in the future. So, maybe they will increase functionality.

In conclusion, Coin Block Mod is a pretty interesting modification for Minecraft PE. And the best is that with this modification installed, trading with villagers will benefit you again. For example, you can get in or helmet for four coins, which is good. However, whether to install this mod or not is only your decision. That is how it is.

Coin Block