CreepyPasta Mod for Minecraft PE

CreepyPasta Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17
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In Minecraft PE, there are various of different modifications for people who love horror. There are even mods dedicated to the horror games, such as Huggy Wuggy or FNAF Mods. However, all of these mods are aimed at a short range of characters, which is the disadvantage. Therefore, some people might still be dissatisfied.

For those players, there is CreepyPasta Mod. Be sure you will never find another addon similar to the CreepyPasta. Why is it so? Read this guide to find out. Let’s get started.

CreepyPasta Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

CreepyPasta is one of the scariest writing genres. Mostly it is small stories about monsters or other scary things. And honestly, this genre is quite popular on the internet. There are a lot of forums and websites dedicated to CreepyPasta.

However, in Minecraft PE, it is not so. CreepyPasta mod only adds over 15 different monsters from real stories. So, by installing this mod in the game will appear CartoonCat, Tails doll, Laughing jack, Sirenhead, Zalgo, Sonic.exe, Moder,  Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Jane the killer, Squidward’s suicide, Eyeless jack, Strider, The rake, Seed Eater, Smile Dog, Mothman, Evil Minion, Photonegative mickey, John, Clock. All of these monsters have their habitat. But even this does not make them less dangerous.

Be sure all these monsters will be maximally powerful, even a Smile Dog, which name sounds cute. However, some of the most hazardous monsters are Sirenhead, Sonic.exe, and Zalgo. So, try to avoid them playing with this mode, although it might be challenging. Also, playing with this mod, you must take care of your place of living. Do not locate your house in the cave or the forest; try to live as higher as possible, as these monsters have increased jump and attack range.

In conclusion, the CreepyPasta mod is one of the best mods to increase Minecraft PE difficulty. Even if you choose a low difficulty, you will be struggling with these monsters a lot. And that makes surviving with this mod probably the biggest challenge in Minecraft PE. Therefore, this mod might be unsuitable for beginners. That is how it works.

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