Dragon Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Dragon Craft Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14
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In Minecraft PE, there are various mods and maps from other video games. These modifications are the most popular. They are widely used on public servers and for personal use. 

In this guide, you will find out about Dragon Craft Mod for Minecraft PE. This modification will add many features from Dragon Ball to Minecraft. And below, you can find out more information about this mode.

Dragon Craft Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The first and foremost thing you should know about this modification is that by installing it, seven new mobs will be added to Minecraft PE. Check the table below, and you will see all mods installed in this mod.

Custom Mod What Mod Will Replace
Majin Race Wither Skeletons
Frieza Race Zombie Pigmen
Namekians Villagers
Saiyans Skeletons & Strays
Saibamen Zombies
Frieza Solider Husks
Frieza Solider 2 Zombie Villager


Also, with most custom mobs, you will be able to trade. Moreover, there will be special clothing for every new boss, which is excellent. And every mob has its unique weapon. Continue reading the guide; you will learn about all weapons added with this mod.


Custom Weapon Sword that will replace
Power Pole Wooden Sword
Cursed Curved Blade Stone Sword
Future Trunk’s Blade Iron Sword
Katana Golden Sword
Z Sword Diamond Sword
Senzy Bean Golden Apple


As you can see, various new weapons will appear by installing this modification. Every weapon is unique and has different stats, which is insane. Moreover, a Senzy Bean is the first healing item in Minecraft PE. Using it, you can restore your health points even in a few minutes, which is excellent.

Of course, in this guide, there is described only a tiny part of this modification. If you want to learn more about it, you should install it using the button below. However, only you decide whether to do it or not. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

Dragon Craft