Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE

Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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Unfortunately, Minecraft copies real life most traditionally. So, if you play this game too long, it will become boring for you. To solve this problem, people create various modifications.

One of the most exciting mods available to download in 2022 is Dragon Mounts 2. And all you need to learn more about this mode is to read our guide. No time to lose; let’s get started!

Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The main thing that will be added in this modification is the Aether portal. It is a new, manually designed portal that will allow you to travel to the unique diversity in Minecraft. And this portal in this guide is an item. So, you need to use eight glowstone blocks and one bucket with water to craft it. However, it might appear pretty hard to get the glowstone in survival mode. Therefore, using the creative mod is the most rational decision.

And when you successfully craft this portal, you can easily travel to another dimension. But do not think that this dimension is terrible; it is not so. Conversely, the new world is perfectly adapted for survival mode. You can easily survive here and use all things available in the traditional Minecraft world.

However, take in mind that this dimension is pretty strange. The point is that there will be islands levitating in the air. So, making your farm and getting resources will be much more challenging. Also, on this map, there are no caves. Keep it in mind.

And the last but not minor thing that will be added into Minecraft PE by installing this modification is two new bosses. The first one is the Aether dragon, the prototype of the Ender dragon in classic Minecraft PE, and the second one is The Minotaur. To defeat the Minotaur, you must complete Labyrinth, which is pretty challenging.

In conclusion, Dragon Mounts 2 is an exciting modification worth installing. Of course, it has some disadvantages, but it is obvious that advantages win. However, only you decide whether to download it or not. That is how it is.

Dragon Mounts 2