Liberia City Map for Minecraft PE

Liberia City Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18
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In Minecraft PE, there is a tonne of different city maps, and it creates the problem. The point is that most town maps for Minecraft are just similar to each other. It refers especially to custom maps, which are not copies of the cities from real life.

And if you want to explore and see a unique map you have never seen before, you can download the Liberia City Map for Minecraft PE. Be sure you will never find something similar to this map on the internet. Why is it so? Read the guide to find out!

Liberia City Map for Minecraft PE

First, you need to know that this map includes 2 big cities inside. The first one is Liberia, the biggest city which is the capital of this map, and the second one is Gravel town, a smaller one, but still a fascinating city. Both towns, Liberia and Gravel, can boast of a lot of large buildings and even airports. However, there is still a difference between both of them.

As Liberia is bigger, there are many more things to explore. For example, on the North side of this city, you will be able to find a port with a lot of containers. On the South side, there is a Lobby Island. It is a special island with a tonne of monsters on it. And there is no way to get to him on foot. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit this island solo.

Even though Gravel city is smaller than the capital, the airport in this city is even bigger. It is located on the North side, and it is easy to get to it on foot. You only need to go through the commercial area and the city centre. However, this airport is used as a zombie spawner at night. So, it is not recommended to sleep here.

However, there is one disadvantage to this map. The point is that these cities are located too far from each other. Therefore, you must use creative mode or special transport modifications for Minecraft PE. But if you want real survival, you can build a railway and move between cities using it. It is only your decision.

Liberia City