Town Minecraft PE Maps

Town Minecraft PE Maps
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Version MCPE 1.14 - 1.19
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In Minecraft, people always tried to copy the structures from real life. It refers to parliament buildings, famous places in the world such as castles, main city squares, and simply extraordinary exterior objects. However, the fact is that the hardest thing to copy is the town.

Since the release of Minecraft PE, people have created a lot of copies of different cities. It is not necessarily the whole city but might be the central square, the most famous district or street. Adding these elements to your standard map will make your game more interesting, especially if you are playing in survival mode. 

The best is that you can combine two different maps of culturally diverse cities. For example, the combination of the New York and some conservative Tokio districts will look attractive. Only you decide what to do. So, in this guide, you will see the top three city maps necessary to download. Let’s start!

The Neighborhood Map

Honestly, this map is the best city map in Minecraft PE. It is not a copy of a real-life town but a manually created city, which is impressive. This map perfectly fits any game mode. Why is it so? 

The main reason is the large scale of houses you can find on this map. Everything is here, from the terraced house with a garden on a roof to a mini semi-detached house. Even if you are the most demanding person in the world, you will find something for yourself on this map.

Also, many outside attractions are constructed, such as a basketball court, swimming pools, and a unique playground. So, this map is the best pick for role play servers. The only disadvantage is that all houses are empty inside, without furniture and other stuff. Therefore, you will be supposed to decorate your home yourself.

New York City Map

This map is the best New York replica in Minecraft. And the best is that this project is regularly updated and is not finished at the moment of writing. The map was done manually. Therefore, every detail, even inside the buildings, is like real life. And there are such famous buildings as Emire State Building, Flatiron Building, Financial center, and many other interesting structures.

Also, this map can boast a unique subway system that copies an actual NY subway. At the moment of writing, only three stations are available to use. However, it is not a problem; it is only a matter of time.

Zombie Town

This map is entirely aimed at the zombie apocalypse theme. Throughout the map, you will find a lot of shelters and corners to hide from zombies. However, remember that there will always be many traps trying to kill or damage you.

Also, this addon adds two new systems. The first system is the mystery box, which will give you random weapons. Be sure these boxes are the best you can find on this map. The second one is the perks system, which makes your game more comfortable. By updating perks, you will get more health points and damage, which are the best stats in the survival mode.

So, that is all with town maps in the Minecraft PE. Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it was beneficial to you.

New York Map
The Neighborhood Map
Zombie Town
1.14 - 1.19