Undertale Mod for Minecraft PE

Undertale Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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Undertale is not a very popular role play game. It can not boast a high online presence and a lot of information about it on the net. However, some people enjoy both games, Minecraft and Undertale.

Especially for these people, here is the Undertale Minecraft PE Mod. Honestly, it is a pretty interesting modification. Therefore, you might find this mod exciting even if you have not played Undertale yet. Why is it so? Continue reading the guide to find out

Undertale Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Unfortunately, the only thing that this add-on adds to the game is new characters. You will not observe changes in textures, sounds, and other stuff in Minecraft by installing this modification. Despite it, this mod is still pretty interesting, as the characters are detailed and have wide functionality.

Dust Sans!

This is the first and the main character that will appear in Minecraft by installing this mod. Honestly, it is the most powerful character in this addon. To summon it, you need to use the command /summon dusttale:murder_sans. However, do not use it in survival mode; this monster will instantly kill you.


This monster is not as powerful as the previous one, but her power is still enough to kill you. And the main feature of this character is that she will return to life and go into the second stage if you kill her. 

And at the second phase, Undyne will be even more powerful than Dust Sans! So, do not approach her; it will be deadly to you. To summon her, use the command /summon dusttale:undyne. 


It is the first form of the Dust Sans, but this mod represents it as a unique character. So, Sans is really powerful and can kill nearly every monster that will be added in this update. However,  common Sans uses the sword, you might kill him using a bow or potions, but it will take a lot of time. To spawn him, use the command /summon dusttale:sans. 

Of course, this mod will add many more new characters. However, there is no time to talk about them in detail. So, download this mod yourself and find out. However, be sure these three are the most outstanding. That is how it is.