Chornobyl City Map for Minecraft PE

Chornobyl City Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18 - 1.19
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On our planet, there are many scary places that you can not visit. However, video games make everything possible. In games, you can visit various exciting and terrible places simultaneously. And, of course, Minecraft is one of the main games where you can see multiple locations from real life.

No secret that Minecraft players are one of the most creative in the world. These people make copies of entire cities from real life in their favorite game, which is exciting. And in this guide, you will find out about the Chornobyl City Map. No time to lose. Let’s get started and find out more about it.

Chornobyl City Map for Minecraft PE Guide

Even though the nuclear accident in Chornobyl happened more than 30 years ago, a lot of people still remember it. And it is not surprising. Even nowadays, people still face the results of this highly hazardous and deadly nuclear disaster. Nowadays, all residents have been evacuated from this district. So, if you try to visit Chornobyl in real life, you will see nothing but traces of death.

Fortunately, this Minecraft map’s developers ultimately reached this scary place’s atmosphere. Therefore, you can feel a part of Chornobyl from your smartphone, which is excellent. And do not worry; all you see in the game is a complete replica of buildings and districts from real life. Moreover, developers even try to make forests and other surrounding areas similar to Ukraine.

And, of course, one of the main buildings you can visit on this map is the nuclear reactor. Even nowadays, this place is one of the most dangerous on Earth. However, in Minecraft PE, you can visit it without any risk to your life, which is excellent.

In conclusion, even though Chornobyl is one of the scariest and the most dangerous places in the world, in Minecraft, you can visit it freely without any risks. However, remember that this map supports only the newest Minecraft version. So, if you combine it with other mods, there might be some problems. That is how it is.

Chornobyl City
1.18 - 1.19