No secret that in Minecraft, various monsters will try to attack and kill you. And if you set the game difficulty hard, it will be pretty challenging to play the game. However, there are a lot of people who want to make Minecraft PE even more complicated. Fortunately, nowadays, it is pretty easy to do.
Among all modifications in Minecraft PE, you can find monster mods. By installing this modification, new monsters will appear in Minecraft. And the fact is that most of these monsters will be much more potent than ordinary Minecraft mobs.

Continue reading the guide, and you will find out about all monster mods on our website. Be sure; it is pretty hard to find better modifications. So, no time to lose. Let’s get started!

Add Powerful Bosses With Monsters Mods for Minecraft

On our website, there are 14 Monsters modifications. Some add groups of monsters or improve classic Minecraft monsters, like Mutant Creatures mod. However, there are a few modifications that add bosses to Minecraft PE. By installing such modifications, your main goal in Minecraft PE will be to kill a boss. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out more about these modifications.

And one of the best boss mods is Entity 303 mod. With this modification, a new main boss in the game will appear – Entity 303. Be sure to fight against this boss; it is one of the most challenging quests in Minecraft PE. He will throw fireballs, levitate in the air and do deadly attacks. Therefore, you can even invite your friends to fight against this boss together.

Empower Old Monsters with Monsters Mod Minecraft

In addition to modifications that add new monsters, you can find special modifications in the collection Monster Mods, which will make old Minecraft monsters better. And this modification supports the newest Minecraft version, which is insane.

With this modification, 21 monsters will be updated in Minecraft PE. And one of the scariest monsters that will be improved with this modification is Creeper. It is much more hazardous than classic creeper and can deal more damage. So, be careful while playing with this mod installed.

Add New Monsters With Monsters Mod for Minecraft

And, of course, you can use monster modifications for their primary purpose – adding new monsters to the game. However, do not worry; most of the modifications on our website add new monsters to Minecraft PE. Therefore, you can easily choose the most suitable one for yourself. That is how it is.

And if you do not know what modification to choose, there is a short article near every mod with a description of this modification. By reading this article, you will get more information about the mod and will be able to make a correct decision about whether to install the mod or not.

In conclusion, on our website, you can find various monster modifications that will add brand new monsters to Minecraft PE. So, feel free to read it and choose the proper mod. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you consider it helpful.