No secret that in Minecraft there are many animals. And it is not surprising, Mojang have done a great job on this aspect of the game. Despite this fact, there are a lot of people who want to have even more animals and creations in the game.

If you are one of those people, one of the best things you can do is to install Minecraft PE modifications. On our website, Animal mods is one of the biggest categories. Totally, there are over 10 mods here, which is extremely cool. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out more information about mods from this category. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

Add Hype Animals with Minecraft Animal Mod

Among all animal modifications, there is a capybara mod. By installing this modification, only 1 animal will appear in the game, and it is capybara. However, be sure, it does not make this modification less exciting. Moreover, you can easily combine this mod with others due to the simplicity of this modification.

And if to talk about this mod, it has a wide range of functionality. You can tame capybara and ride it, which is 2 main purposes of this animal. However, you also can breed and feed this beautiful animal, which is really exciting. So, feel free to install this modification and do whatever you want with capybara.

Make Fun With Various new animals with Minecraft PE Animal Mod
As it is evident, the main purpose of Minecraft PE Animal Mods is to add new animals into the game. Of course, Minecraft provides players with a wide scale of different creations, but you can make it even bigger, which is extremely cool. However, on our website there are 16 animal mods. Therefore, it might be pretty challenging to choose the most suitable one. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out about one of the best mods.

So, one of the best mods which adds new animals into Minecraft PE is Mo Creatures Mod. By installing it, 18 new animals will appear in the game, which is extremely cool. However, the fact is that this modification is suitable only for the 1.16 version of Minecraft PE. Therefore, you need to install a special Minecraft to play with this mod. That is how it works.

Add Unique Creatures With Minecraft Animal Mod

Additionally to classic modifications that add new animals to Minecraft PE, on our web site there is a wide scale of modifications that adds dinosaurs and other unique creatures to the game. For example, by installing Godzilla mod you will add real godzilla from the movie into Minecraft PE.

And Godzilla mod is not the only strange modification in the category Animals. There are a lot of other exciting mods as well, such as ARK Mod, Jurassic Craft Mod, Billey Mod and others. Be sure, installing these mods will make the game much more interesting.

That is how it is.

In conclusion, Animal Mods is one of the biggest categories on our website. Here you can find various modifications suitable for all Minecraft versions. Just feel free to download any modification from our web site. However, take into account what version of Minecraft map which you want to download supports.