Coastal Beach Map for Minecraft PE

Coastal Beach Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18
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No secret that in 2022 it will be impossible to surprise someone with an ordinary house in Minecraft PE. Therefore, people try making as many creative and odd houses as possible.  And one of the best options to make your home looks more innovative is to choose an exciting location for your homeplace. 

However, there is another problem. The fact is that it is challenging to find an exciting location. You might spend a few hours wandering the Minecraft PE world with no result. Therefore, it is better to install a particular Minecraft map with a house that will be entirely suitable for living and surviving. And by reading this guide, you will find out about one of those maps.

Coastal Beach Map for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this map, in the game will be added a beautiful-looking house on the beach coast. This house was made only from a variety of wooden blocks. Of course, it looks cool and aesthetic, but there is a disadvantage. The fact is that a wooden house can be quickly burned in a fire. Therefore, it is not safe to cook food or have a lava source near this house.

Inside the house, you will find everything you need for comfortable survival, from chests to workbench. In the future, you might want to expand the territory, but for a start, this furniture is entirely enough. Moreover, inside the house, you can find a mini dock. Using it, you can ride the boat and go fishing.

And the main disadvantage of this house is space. The coastal home has only 1 floor. As a result, you will have no free space, even if you want to place a few more chests. However, there is extensive territory near this house. Therefore, there are no problems in collecting your resources here.

In conclusion, Coastal Beach Map is the particular map that is perfectly suitable only for a few players. However, if you like this map, feel free to install it right now. That is how it is.

Coastal Beach Map