Egyptian Pyramid Map for Minecraft PE

Egyptian Pyramid Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17 - 1.19
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No secret that Minecraft players are the most creative community in the gaming industry. These people have copied not only various exciting constructions but even entire cities. However, pyramids are one of the most exciting constructions Minecraft players have created.

Read this guide, and you will find out about the Egyptian Pyramid map for Minecraft PE. Be sure; it is one of the most exciting pyramid maps you can download nowadays. And if you want to find out more about this map, continue reading this guide. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

Egyptian Pyramid Map for Minecraft PE Guide

The first thing you need to know is that a legendary Tutankamosos pyramid will be added to Minecraft PE by installing this modification. And this pyramid is one of the most beautiful buildings you can find in Minecraft nowadays. Moreover, this pyramid is pretty extensive. Therefore, you can easily use it as a house.

And the great pyramid of Tutankamosos is located in the middle of the sea. Also, it is surrounded by a few islands. On these islands, you can find many resources and other helpful things that might help you survive on this map.

This pyramid has three entrances, just like in real life. Every entry is a special room in which you can find the small statue of the Egypt god Tujacomami. Also, in the front of the pyramid, there are two entrances. These entrances lead you to the tunnels under the pyramid. However, if you play solo, it is not recommended to visit these tunnels. The fact is that you will find various monsters and traps here. So, your chances of survival will be pretty low.

In conclusion, the Egyptian Pyramid Map is one of the most exciting maps you can download nowadays. This map is perfect not only for spending your time but also for surviving in survival mode. However, only you decide whether to install it or not. That is how it is.

Egyptian Pyramid
1.17 - 1.19