Night Vision Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Night Vision Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.8 - 1.19.2
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Minecraft is one of the games which can boast the entire day/night cycle. During the day you can do everything you want, from going to the cave to making your garden. You are free for things you can do. 

However, at night it is nearly impossible to play Minecraft. The first reason is zombies, which will always try to kill you by any chance. The number of zombies you will meet increases by increasing the game difficulty level. Another reason is that you will not be able to move freely. Of course, you can use torches, but it is ineffective. Also, it is easy to run out of torches, which is a common problem.

To fix the problem with visibility at night, people created a Night Vision Texture Pack. Read this guide, and you will find out how it works. Let’s start

Night Vision Texture Pack Guide

When you first hear about this texture pack, you may consider that it can be easily replaced using torches or installing shaders. However, it is not so. The Night Vision texture pack is a valuable thing in Minecraft. It increases Minecraft’s brightness, devolving the game’s day/night cycle. So, you will not be able to see the darkness while using this texture pack.

Advantages of Night Vision Texture Pack

The first advantage is that using this texture pack will not change textures, blocks, and other things in Minecraft. You will play the same game as before the update but without the darkness. And that simplifies Minecraft and makes you available to progress faster.

Another reason is that the Night Vision texture pack allows you to see in the caves. It is beneficial if you spend most of your time earning resources. As a result, you will not use the torches anymore in Minecraft. That is perfect.

And the last but the main benefit of this texture pack is that it is available on most public servers. So, you will be able to use cheats legally. It is especially effective on PvP servers and Hide and Seek maps, where your vision is the main thing.

Disadvantages of Night Vision Texture Pack

However, this texture pack will be blocked on servers with good anti-cheat. Do not even try to log in; you might be permanently banned by trying to do it. But in solo mode, you can use this texture pack unlimitedly.

Another disadvantage of this texture pack is that it makes the game boring. You will always observe the same world, despite the day and night. So, you need to use the custom map or other texture skin pack to make the game enjoyable.

In conclusion, the Night Vision texture pack is probably one of the most helpful texture packs in Minecraft. It is available for any Minecraft edition and is the fundamental legal cheat for most public servers. You can turn it off anytime. Therefore, you must install this texture pack, no matter where and with what mode you play.

Night Vision
1.8 - 1.19.2