Blue Topia Map for Minecraft PE

Blue Topia Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 - 1.18
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If you have ever wondered what the biggest city in Minecraft PE is, you probably know that most Minecraft custom towns are small. However, in this guide, you will find out about the Blue Topia Map. 

Be sure; it is one of the biggest Minecraft city maps, which includes over 400 buildings. And even these buildings are a small part of the complete map. If you are interested in Blue Topia, continue reading this guide, and you will find out more about this map.

Blue Topia Map for Minecraft PE Guide

The prototype of the Blue Topia was constructed in 2012. This town was planned to be as a combination of 2 beautiful metropolises, Hong Kong and New York. Honestly, this idea sounds maximally strange, but as you can see, implementing this idea in Minecraft PE is exciting.

The complex railway system is one of the most mind-blowing things on this map. No doubt that Chinese railways are one of the fastest and the most effective in the world. Therefore, developers have tried to copy the Chinese railways, and it seems they have done it on A+. 

The complete system includes 50 stations throughout the city. Most of the railway stations are located near important locations, like the city center, airport and others. However, some stations are out of the city.

Honestly, talking more about this map makes no sense. The point is that the map is endless. There are a really uncountable number of buildings, streets and districts. And all of these things are indescribably impressive. So, the only correct decision is to download this map and try everything yourself.

But this map is not without disadvantages. The main minus of the Blue Topia is that it is available only for 1.18.30 and 1.16.201 Minecraft PE versions. However, this map seems worth downloading one of the supported versions. That is how it is.

In conclusion, Blue Topia is one of the best city maps for Minecraft PE. You have to download it at least once just to see this map’s beautiful views. That is how it is. Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it was helpful for you.


Blue Topia
1.16 - 1.18