Ores Mod for Minecraft PE

Ores Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18 - 1.19
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No doubts that if you play Minecraft for a long time, the ores system becomes downright dull. The most widely used ores are iron ore, Redstone, and diamonds. Other resources, such as gold and stone, are simply ignored. As a result, the primary mission in survival mode is to craft diamond armor and weapons.

To fix this problem, mod developers have created different Ores Mods. By reading this guide, you will find out about one of the newest and most exciting mods. So, no time to lose, let’s get started.

Ores Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, nine new ores will appear in Minecraft PE. And the best is that they will not differ from the classic Minecraft ores in functionality. You can craft different weapons and even make ores blocks using custom ores. Moreover, every weapon you make using these ores will have other characteristics.

For example, let’s find out information about every custom sword that will be added by installing this update. 


Sword Durability Damage
Amethyst Sword 700 7
Jade Sword 700 7
Sapphire Sword 872 8
Topaz Sword 1225 8
Silver Sword 825 6
Onyx Sword 2548 12
Uranium Sword 1253 9
Ruby Sword 745 7
Peridot Sword 1158 8
Cobalt Sword 956 7
Tungsten Sword 1826 8
Titanium Sword 1680 7


As you can see, every ore is different. The rarest but the best ore is Onyx. Be sure to find this ore; you need to be lucky. And to destroy it, you need to use only a diamond pickaxe. Otherwise, you will not get any resources.

However, new armor and weapons are only a few things that will be added by installing this modification. There will be a lot of other items, such as Uranus TNT, Silver Coin, Ruby Golem, Rainbow Wand, and others. All crafting recipes for these items will be added to the workbench. And if you are lazy, you can just take them effortlessly in the creative menu.

Ores Mod
1.18 - 1.19