Chicken Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Chicken Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition
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Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.19.2
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No doubt that the chicken is one of the most famous creatures in Minecraft. It is small, cute, and widely spread. Honestly, you can find chicken everywhere in Minecraft. And that makes the most significant contribution to the popularity of this mob.

However, there is one problem. The point is that in Minecraft, there is only 1 type of chicken: classic white chicken, which is disadvantageous. To solve this problem, people have created a lot of chicken mods, and by reading this guide, you will find out about the two best chicken mods for Minecraft PE in 2022. Let’s get started!

Golden Chicken Mod for Minecraft PE

As it is obvious from the name of this mod, it adds golden chicken to Minecraft PE. As the classic chicken, this one can give you eggs. However, there is an enormous difference between these chickens.

Golden will give you inedible golden eggs, which is way better. Using these eggs, you can get a lot of gold, which is a helpful resource in Minecraft. Also, if you play online, golden eggs will be a more valuable resource than the common ones. That is how it is.

Evolved Chicken Mod for Minecraft PE

This chicken mod is the funniest mod on the list. The point is that by installing this mod, three new chickens will appear in the game, and every chicken will have its element. So, there will be a fire, water and ice chicken.

All of these chickens can be used as vehicles. However, before using them in this way, you have to tame them.  To do it, use the special seeds with their element. Sounds easy, but there is one more aspect that you have to know.

The point is that water chicken is not spawned in the ordinary world. So, you must travel to the Nether diversity only after that tame it. It is a challenging task, but it is worth the result.

In conclusion, chicken mods are pretty good in Minecraft, even because they improve the famous Minecraft creation. However, these mods add little updates to the game, and the only option is to use them as secondary ones. And that is the disadvantage.1

Golden Chicken
1.1.0 - 1.19.2
Evolved Chicken(Mod)
1.16.0 - 1.19.2
Evolved Chicken(Textures)
1.16.0 - 1.19.2