Improved Building Mod for Minecraft PE

Improved Building Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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If you have ever tried to build significant and detailed buildings in Minecraft, you know that many blocks are lacking in this game. For example, no roof, ramp, oblique, or other blocks exist.

And to solve this problem, mod developers created a lot of modifications that will significantly help you build better buildings in Minecraft PE. Reading this guide, you will learn about the Improved Building Mod. Be sure that this is one of the mods worth your attention. So, no time to lose. Let’s learn more about it!

Improved Building Mod for Minecraft PE Guide,

Unfortunately, it is necessary to start with one, but the main and the biggest disadvantage of this modification. The point is that you can use it only in the creative mode, which is extremely bad. The only way to avoid this restriction is to build your house in the creative mode, and only after switching to the survival mode and playing as you want. It might appear dull fast, but it is the only way to do this. And by installing this game, the game will appear.

Item Command to get
6 variants of the roof block(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:slide_roof_block_acacia
6 variants of the slide roof block(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:slide_roof_acacia
6 variants of the end slide roof block(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:end_slide_roof_acacia
6 variants of the mid slide roof block(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:mid_slide_roof_acacia
6 variants of the slide window block(  acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce ) /give @s be:slide_window_acacia
3 types of fences /give @s be:fence_var1/2/3/4_acacia
6 variants of the half block(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce ) /give @s be:half_block_acacia
6 varinats of bricks and planks(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:slide_roof_block_b_acacia
6 varinats of fence stairs(acacia/bigoak/birch/jungle/oak/spruce) /give @s be:stairs_fence_var3_acacia


In conclusion, the Improved Building Mod is really interesting, and it definitely is worth your attention. However, the problem is that to get one of these blocks; you need to type a cheat command, which is bad. So, only you decide to download it or not.

Improved Building Behaviour
Improved Building Textures