DreamSMP Map for Minecraft PE

DreamSMP Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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Everyone who has played Minecraft PE for more than one year knows about the DreamSMP server. Even because it is the largest role-play server that is currently in Minecraft. The most popular Minecraft PE players and speedrunners often play on this server. Probably, no more server will beat this server’s record.

The fascinating map is the main reason for such sharp growth in the popularity of this server. It is not a secret that Minecraft’s world is endless. So, developers have used every block on this endless world to make this map looks perfect. Fortunately for players, this map is free to download at the moment of writing. However, if you want to learn more about the map, read this guide; let’s get started!

DreamSMP Map for Minecraft PE Guide

The main thing you need to know about this map is that it is extremely large. It is so large that developers have created special commands to move between locations. So, you need to type “/function *name of the location you want to teleport to*”. And you will be able to teleport to Biginnit Hotel, Boomer Town, Halloween House, Purpled UFO, Skeepy Mansion, Community House, Eggpire, Prison, Lmanburg, Snowchester, and the Tommy Inuit House. It is not the map but the complete world inside Minecraft.

Moreover, developers have done this map manually. Therefore, all of these buildings are perfectly detailed inside and outside. And that makes this map worth your attention.

However, the main disadvantage of playing on this map is that it is absolutely unsuitable for survival mode and for playing solo. The point is that this map is complete and has everything needed inside it. Therefore, the only option to use is to launch your Minecraft server, which might be expensive.

But do not think this map only provides beautiful buildings in the game. There will be a lot of other features, and one of the best is 33 new characters, which will be added by installing this map. So, you have to download this map and try it out yourself. That is how it is. 

Dream SMP