Mo Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE

Mo Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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No doubt that there are many different creations in Minecraft Pocket Edition. So, most players will never face the problem of lack of them. However, some players need more animals, monsters and other creations in Minecraft.

For these purposes, people created a lot of modifications. Be sure that Mo Creatures Mod will pleasantly surprise you even if you are the most experienced player in Minecraft. Why is it so? Read the guide to find out!

Mo Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

There is no point in talking about this mod; the only thing it changes is adding new creations in Minecraft PE. So, in this guide, there will be a list of custom creations that will be added with a short description of them. Let’s get started!


Creation Description
Ent This is a real tree that can walk and deal damage just like a classic zombie. There are two types of Ent: birch and oak.
Goat Probably the cutest animal in Minecraft PE. It can give you a bucket of milk and leather.
Turkey This mob is pretty similar to chicken. From it, you can get three feathers and two turkey meat.
Bear By installing this mod, grizzly, panda, polar, and black bear will appear in the game. They are cute and hazardous. However, you can tame them with raw meat and sugar cane for pandas.
Mini Golem Just golem, but mini. It used to be a good protector for villagers.
Wraith The scariest monster in Minecraft PE, deals three damage but additionally can burn you.
Silver Skeleton is a Weak monster, has only 25 health and two damage. It can quickly burn in sunlight.
Boar Small boar is the cutest creation in the game. You can get two raw porkchop and two hides from the adult boar.
Birds Birds will also be added by installing this mod, and to tame them, you need to use seeds.
Crocodile Stong mob that will attack you when you are near the water.
Bunny Small and cute animal that can be tamed using any type of carrot.
Komodo Dragon Komodo dragon gives you an egg which you can use to tame another comodo.
Raccoon Unfortunately, Raccoon can boast extensive functionality. You can tame it using carrot, apple and sugar lumps.
Rat Fully neutral mobs, do not pay attention to them.
Hellrat The updated version of the rat. You can kill it and get two Redstone.
Shark The first water creature available to tame. Can drop an egg, from which the baby shark will appear.
Mammoth The best vehicle that has ever been in Minecraft. To ride it, you need to use a harness.
Elephant The most significant creation in Minecraft. By killing it, you will get two hides.


In conclusion, this mod is one of the best options to download. Be sure Minecraft with this mod will be much more enjoyable. That is all. Hope this guide was helpful!

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