Elemental Swords Mod for Minecraft PE

Elemental Swords Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.5 - 1.16
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In Minecraft, all swords nearly do not differ from each other. The only difference is in the damage. The better your swordcraft, the more damage it will deal. However, it seems that such a difference is not enough. 

And if you want to make swords in Minecraft different, there is a special modification for your purpose. By reading this guide, you will find out about the Elemental Sword Mod. Be sure that this modification is suitable for any mode in Minecraft PE.

Elemental Swords Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, nine elemental swords will appear in the game. However, these swords are not ordinary. The point is that every blade will have a superpower and special attack, depending on its element. Moreover, every sword has a unique crafting receipt. 

  • Fire Sword – 1 stick and two flints & steel
  • Air Sword – 2 glass blocks and one stick
  • Water Sword – 1 stick and two water buckets
  • Dirt Sword – 1 stick and two moss stones
  • Lava Sword – 1 fire sword and eight lava buckets
  • Ocean Sword – 1 water sword and eight water buckets
  • Jungle Sword – 1 dirt sword and eight leaves
  • Storm Sword – 1 air sword and eight iron ingots
  • Thunder Sword – 8 diamonds and one lava sword

Honestly, there is no point in talking about every sword separately, as it will take too much time. So, it seems that the best decision is to tell you about this modification’s most powerful sword. And this list will be started with the Fire Sword.

Using this sword, you will release a wave of fire, which will burn everything on its way. And the radius of this wave is 15 blocks, which is high. However, keep in mind that this fire will burn wood. Therefore, you need to be careful while using it in rural areas.

And the most powerful sword is the lava sword, which will instantly kill all enemies by shooting them up into the sky. You need to try using it at least once. Be sure it is worth your time.

Elemental Swords
1.5 - 1.16