Taxi Car Mod for Minecraft PE

Taxi Car Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14 - 1.16
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If you want to add some role-play elements in Minecraft PE, you can use many modifications for this purpose. And one of the most exciting mods is the Taxi Car Mod. If you want to learn more about it, just continue reading the guide. So, no time to lose, let’s get started.

Taxi Car Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Probably every person in the world has driven in a taxi. Using a car is the most popular way in the world to move from one place to another. And if you are disappointed that you can not do it in Minecraft, installing this modification will fix your problem.

By downloading this modification, two taxi cars will be added to the game. The first one will be moving on earth, while the second taxi will be a flying car. And that is great; you will not be supposed to avoid trees and other relief features on a flying car.

Moreover, using a flying car is very beneficial on the city maps, where many houses will obstruct you from moving freely. Moreover, the flying car is tiny compared to planes or other vehicles. You do not require a lot of free space to use it. But to drive a flying car, you need gasoline. For the ordinary car, you do not need it; remember it and do not forget to fill up your car before driving.

However, there is a valuable disadvantage of this car mod. The point is that only one person can be a passenger in this taxi, and it is terrible if you want to use this modification for a public server. Also, if you want to launch a local server and play with friends, it will

be pretty challenging to move together with this mod installed.

And the last disadvantage of this modification is that new cars will replace old mobs. So, creeper and one more monster will be deleted from the game by installing this modification. However, for people who hate creepers, this is even an advantage of this modification.

Taxi Car
1.14 - 1.16