Simple AP Shaders for Minecraft PE

Simple AP Shaders for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14 - 1.16
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It seems that Minecraft is one of the best video games for people who love simplicity. Everything in the game is maximally simple, starting with the gameplay and ending with the textures. Moreover, there is a tonne of modifications that make Minecraft PE look even more straightforward than it is.

So, there is no time to lose; let’s get started! By reading this guide, you will learn about one of the most attractive simple shader packs in Minecraft PE. Be sure that even if you have a powerful smartphone, you will download and enjoy these shaders.

Simple AP Shaders for Minecraft PE Guide

Despite this shaders pack being called simple, it still adds a lot of innovations to Minecraft PE. One of the most valuable is the improvement of block detailing, the incredible color spectrum, and realistic sky, fire, lava, and water. As a result, the game will look much more attractive.

Moreover, the point is that these shaders are very small in weight. So, they can be easily combined with maps, mods, and even texture packs. And, of course, you can use them in both creative and survival modes.

Among other improvements, there is dynamic water, which will wave when the weather is windy or rainy, waving leaves with improved digitalization, and deleted fog. Yes, developers have deleted fog, and you will not be able to see it if you install these shaders. The point is that improved moisture animation requires many smartphone resources, and these shaders are aimed at old devices.

In conclusion, the Simple AP shaders may not be the best, but they are worth your attention. You might at least download them and try them out if they will be good for you. If yes, continue playing with them, and if no, delete and download another shader pack. That is how it is.

Simple AP
1.14 - 1.16