Vampire Mod for Minecraft PE

Vampire Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.19
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Minecraft people is honestly one of the most creative in the game industry. And the best proof is a considerable number of manually created modifications by ordinary players. One of the most creative mods is a Vampire craft addon. Also, it is one of the newest mods in Minecraft PE. So, read this guide to find out more about it. Be sure it will help you.

Vampire Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

As you might guess from the name of this addon, it will provide the game with a vampire theme. However, this mod is much better than you might think. It not simply changes the textures but adds a lot of different items, blocks, and even potions.

So, this mod in the game will be added: Vampire Cow, Vampire Villager, Dark Salesmen, Lumberjack, Black Forest, Priest, Coins, Vampiric Potion, Curse of the Moon, and milk. Be sure all of these things will create an incredible atmosphere in Minecraft. 

The main thing that will be added by installing this mod is the ability to transform into Vampire. To change, you need a Ritual Table. It is a unique item added in this addon. And to craft this table, you need to combine eight Vampire Teeth and a Crafting Table.

But becoming a vampire is not a final point of this mod. There are also three vampire levels and a great boss fight, which will allow you to become a Vampire lord. So be sure you will spend much time passing through the vampire career. However, is your effort worth it?

Pros and Cons of Becoming Vampire

Generally, there are a lot of pros and cons to becoming a vampire. However, the main advantage is that Minecraft will become enjoyable again even if you are the most advanced player. In addition, by installing the vampire mod, many new mechanics will be added, so you will spend a lot of time investigating them.

However, there is a significant disadvantage to using this mod. The point is that if you transform into a vampire, you will suffer from daylight, which is probably the worst thing that might happen. So, you will be able to play Minecraft only in the nighttime. The only thing you can do in the daytime is going to the cave and farming resources.