BSL 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

BSL 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.13.0 - 1.19.2
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ChapBSL 3D Texture Pack Guide

The point is that Minecraft textures are in 2D format. This is hard to notice when you are a beginner. However, you will see how dull the Minecraft graphic is when you become advanced in the game. And to fix it, people created a BSL 3D Texture pack.

This pack is one of the most advanced 3D packs in  Minecraft PE. It comprises 6 different chapters, which you can turn on and off whenever possible. Also, you might download this texture pack partly and use what you need. It is only your decision. So, let’s start with the first chapter!

3D Mobs

3D Mobs is probably one of the most attractive updates. However, it refers only to 3 mobs: pig, skeleton, and chicken. By installing this part, all of them will get a unique design and animation, which will look much better than in traditional Minecraft. The skeleton will get a quiver for arrows. The pig and chicken will have voluminous tails and legs.

Better Leaves

This part of the texture pack will make the trees more realistic. Also, they will become sensitive to the wind and will slowly wave. However, the best thing is that every tree will be reflecting in the water, giving it a greenish tint. So, downloading this chapter is necessary if you want to observe better Minecraft graphics.

Resource Pack

This chapter is also the necessary part of the BSL 3D textures pack, and it works with all Minecraft PE versions, which is extremely good. This chapter gives a 3D model for blocks and textures, making them blurred at a distance and maximally detailed in a short distance, just as in real life. Also, the quality of each block will noticeably increase, making Minecraft better.

Realistic Mobs

The name of this chapter tells everything about it. Installing realistic mobs will improve the quality of all creatures in Minecraft. However, the best changes will happen with creepers and spiders. Kreeper will get legs and will be like ordinary monsters, while spiders will become like in real life.

LvzBx Chapter

This chapter is an addition to the resource pack. It improves the quality of 3D textures but takes a lot of smartphone resources. Therefore, you need a powerful smartphone to use it. So, there is no point in using this chapter.

Tacky Chapter

This texture chapter gives Minecraft a sense of volume. Also, it enormously increases the surface quality of the textures, making Minecraft more realistic. However, before downloading this chapter, you need to know that it might cause lags on weak devices. It is the main disadvantage. In other aspects, this part of the BSL 3D Texture pack is perfect.

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1.13.0 - 1.19.2
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