Your Dragon Mod for Minecraft PE

Your Dragon Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17 - 1.19
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Honestly, there is not so much to do in Minecraft PE. And if you play a game for a long time, it is pretty obvious that it will become boring for you. However, there are a lot of different modifications that can make Minecraft interesting again.

One of these mods is the Your Dragon Mod. By installing it, you will be supposed to grow your dragon in Minecraft. Be sure, and it is not only interesting but dangerous as well. And if you want to find out more about this mod, just continue reading the guide.

Your Dragon Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, you will be supposed to grow a real dangerous monster from the small egg. And the first thing you need to do to grow the dragon successfully is craft an incubator. 

The incubator is the custom item that will be added with this mod. You can craft it or get it from the creative menu. However, crafting this item is pretty expensive, as you will need glass, a netherite block, and a lot of obsidian. Therefore, taking this item to the creative menu is way better.

And to run the incubator mechanism, you need to put the netherite ingot into it. When done, you will have only 30 seconds to put your egg into the incubator. Therefore, be careful; you will not be able to return your ingot if you miss your try.

When it is completely clear how this mechanism works, let’s find out what dragons you can grow with this modification. So, you will be able to grow and tame: Light Spark Dragon, Spitfire Dragon, Frostbite Dragon, Hydra Dragon, Evil Dragon, End Drake Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Cave Dragon, Forest Dragon, Sand Dragon, Lava Dragon, and Ice Dragon. And to be honest, all these dragons are extremely powerful; they will instantly kill any mob trying to attack you. Therefore, there are no reasons not to install the Your Dragon Mod.

Your Dragon Mod
1.17 - 1.19