Energy HD Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Energy HD Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.12.0 - 1.19.2
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One of the best ways to improve Minecraft graphics is to install texture packs. However, there are too many different texture packs. Therefore, it might be hard to pick the best one.

Generally, there are 2 types of texture packs. The first works as a complete texture pack; they change the game’s textures, blocks, creatures and other things. The second type only improves the visual content of Minecraft, and they work like shaders.

This guide will learn about the 5 best shader texture packs in Minecraft PE 2022. Be sure it will be pretty helpful for you. So, let’s start!

Beautiful Realism

The best thing you need to know about this shader is that it is regularly updated. Now it is available from 1.12 to 1.19 versions of Minecraft PE. And that’s great.

Also, this is one of the most popular Minecraft shaders. Honestly, this texture pack combines the best things from other textures. That is why this pack is so successful and popular. Also, it gives one of the game’s most beautiful and highly realistic textures. However, it would be best if you had a powerful smartphone to download. Otherwise, you will be suffering from lags a little bit.

RTX Texture Pack

This texture pack is special for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can not see it in any other Minecraft versions. And the main feature of using this pack is incredibly realistic shaders, probably the best in Minecraft at the moment of writing. Also, one more benefit is that you can run this texture pack even on old devices; there are no problems with it.

Sildurs Texture Pack

Despite this texture pack being only a beta version, it is still the best shader in Minecraft PE. However, this texture pack can boast not only with shaders. The point is that by installing it, you will completely change the lighting system in Minecraft.

New volumetric lighting, reflection, and other advanced effects will appear in the game. The best is that this texture pack will not decrease the game productivity. So, you can run it even on old devices.

But there is another disadvantage, as it is the beta version; this texture pack is available only for 1.13 and 1.14 Minecraft PE versions. And it probably will not be changed in the future.

SDGPE Texture Pack

This texture pack is exclusive to the mobile version of Minecraft. Honestly, there is nothing special provided in this texture pack; it is just ordinary with an attractive color spectrum. The key to this pack’s popularity is its color spectrum.

By installing this pack, you will see only warm, bright, and soft colors in the game. Also, another benefit is that this pack covers everything in the game, from water to creatures. However, installing it or not is only a matter of taste.

Ultra Realismo Texture Pack

As developers say, it is the next generation of the classic Minecraft shaders, and it is true. As it is one of the most realistic texture packs in Minecraft, using it requires a powerful smartphone. Also, you need to have Minecraft PE version 1.17 or higher. However, it is still recommended to download and try this pack.

Beautiful Realism
1.12 - 1.19
RTX Texture
1.12 - 1.19
Sildurs Texture Pack
1.13 - 1.14
1.17 - 1.19
Ultra Realismo
1.14 - 1.19