100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE

100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.4 - 1.19
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Survival mode is one of the base things in Minecraft. Every player who installed Minecraft started the way in the game in solo survival mode. However, the problem is that survival mode can become extremely fast, especially if you play solo.

Therefore, to make Minecraft enjoyable again, people started to create minigames and other exciting maps. Nowadays, these maps are way more popular than the survival mode. Read this guide and learn about the 100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE.

100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE Guide

The central problem of most Minecraft maps is that they are too short. You can complete them in a few hours. After that, these maps become useless, and you simply can not use them. However, the 100 Floors Map is different.

The fact is that on this map, you will be supposed to complete 100 different minigames. There will be parkour, find the button, and various minigames. Moreover, this map fully supports multiplayer mode. Therefore, there are some games available to play with friends. However, do not worry; there are no suitable levels for only a few players. So, you can easily enjoy this map solo, and if you get bored, invite friends and play together.

And if to talk about levels, there is no general concept for all stories on this map. Also, there is no graduation by difficulty. Every level is unique and might have different challenges depending on the gaming style and other minor aspects. You will even be supposed to head to the Nether world on some levels. That is how it is.

In conclusion, the 100 Floors map is a perfect minigames map that is suitable for solo mode and multiplayer. Playing on this map, you will be supposed to visit different biomes and complete various exciting quests. Also, you can easily skip levels and complete only those attractive to you. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful.

100 Floors Map
1.4 - 1.19