Prehistoric Dinos Mod for Minecraft PE

Prehistoric Dinos Mod for Minecraft PE
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Since science started to develop, people have been interested in the past. Dinos and various other prehistoric creatures are interesting for many individuals all over the world. Fortunately, you can add multiple dinos into the cubic world with Minecraft modifications.

Read this guide and learn about Prehistoric Dinos Mod for Minecraft PE. By installing this modification, over 15 unique dinos will appear in Minecraft, which is excellent. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out more about this modification. That is how it is.

Prehistoric Dinos Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

First, you should know that all dinos that will be added to Minecraft PE with this modification are divided into 2 categories: peaceful and dangerous. Friendly dinos will never attack you. They prefer eating flowers and chilling under the sun. Also, you can tame some peaceful dinos, and they will protect you. However, this mechanic is worth a separate article.

And if to talk about dangerous dinos, they will become your primary opponents in Minecraft. Moreover, you will find some dangerous dinos even underwater, like mosasaurs. It is one of the most powerful creatures in Minecraft. It has 150 health points and 20 damage. So, it is impossible to kill him underwater.

And the most potent earth dino can be found on Savana. It is the giganotosaurus, and it can boast 150 health points and 20 attacks. Moreover, giganotosaurus can attack and quickly destroy blocks. So, if you meet this dino, you will not have any chance of surviving.

Also, among the most dangerous dinos, there is spinosaurus. It has 152 health points and 17 attacks. However, this dino can not destroy blocks. Therefore, you can easily hide from it inside the house or shelter.

In conclusion, the Prehistoric Dinos mod is an exciting modification that will add over 15 unique dinos to Minecraft. Moreover, it supports all the newest versions of Minecraft. So, there will be no problems in combining it with other mods.

Prehistoric Dinos