Hide and Seek Map for Minecraft PE

Hide and Seek Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.12 - 1.18
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The survival mode in Minecraft nowadays is sharply losing in popularity. Most people will now prefer some minigames, where you can just enjoy the game but not be endlessly faced with finding resources. And there are many minigames, from Among Us to Brawl Stars.

However, one traditional and the most popular minigame is Hide and Seek. It seems that this game started the minigame tendency in Minecraft. For a long time, people have used classic maps and biomes for the Hide and Seek game. One more option was just to build their constructions.

But now it is much easier. There are a considerable number of different maps and locations for the Hide and Seek game. Also, finding the server and players to play with has become much easier since this minigame has become very popular. 

However, in that wide scale of maps, what are the best ones? Read this guide, and you will find out the best Hide and Seek Maps for Minecraft PE.

Kitchen Map for Minecraft PE

This map is the simplest map variant for the Hide and Seek game. However, it is impossible to play the Hide and Seek solo. The game requires at least two players. Unfortunately, this map does not provide the team mode, only solo. The specific of this map is that here you can find many small details, such as cupboard, microwave oven, and other furniture items to hind over them. Use it when you are hiding, and remember when you are a seeker.

Jackson’s Hide and Seek

It is the particular arena for the Hide and Seek. On this map, the seeker will have only 2 minutes to find everybody on the map. The only disadvantage of this map is its size, and it is small. Therefore, it always will be done even faster than 2 minutes. And there is a secret hiding place, which will guarantee you a victory if you are hiding.

Mansion Map

The round on this map will last in the large mansion, with many rooms for hiding. Therefore, when starting the minigame, be ready to spend a lot of time near your smartphone. And do not start this map with only one partner; that game will not finish. Additionally, there is one exciting mechanic. When the seeker finds a hiding player, he also becomes a seeker. So, it is nearly impossible to survive on this map. 

Hide and Seek Caves

Logically, by playing on this map, you will appear in the cave system. And the specific is that there will be two teams, one will be hiding, and another will be seeking. The number of seekers varies on the total amount of players in the round. The round lasts a fixed amount of time, depending on the number of players. Therefore, the draw is always possible.

1.12 - 1.14
Jackson’s Hide and Seek
1.14 - 1.16
Hide and Seek Caves
1.17 - 1.18
Mansion Hide and Seek