Among Us Map for Minecraft PE

Among Us Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 - 1.17
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It is not a secret that Among Us has made headlines in 2020. Now, this video game has sharply lost popularity. Daily online on its peak decreases from 400,000 in 2020 to 5500 now. That is terrible.

However, in Minecraft, there still are Among Us minigames. Despite all the troubles, these minigames still are pretty popular. On the ordinary servers, you can find the team for Among us 24/7. But there is another problem: most servers use poor-quality maps with poor detailing and functionality. 

So, if you want to enjoy Minecraft with friends, the best decision will be to install the ready-to-use map and launch it using the local server. What map to choose? For this purpose, here is the guide for you. Read it, and you will get the best Among Us map for Minecraft PE and the main reasons why it is so perfect.

Among Us Map Guide for Minecraft PE

This map is the copy of the first map in Among Us – The Sceld. It is good because most people are already familiar with this map or have even played on it. So, you will not be facing a problem when some player can not find where he is supposed to go.

The Minecraft version of the map includes 14 rooms: Cafeteria, Weapons, O2, Navigation, Admin, Shields, Communications, Storage, Electrical, Lower Engine, Upper Engine, Reactor, Security, and MedBay. Also, the vents, connections, and cameras are exactly as in the original Among Us. That is perfect.

The rules on this map are just as in the original game. However, you will be additionally provided with a unique information menu at the right corner of the screen. Here you can find information about Kill Cooldown, Voting Time, Number of Alive players, and other helpful information.

Also, this map perfectly copies and even modernizes Imposter functionality. So, these functions will be available for the Imposter: fake task with animation ( note that you can fake anywhere on the map, so do not accidentally use it), kill player, communications sabotage, lights sabotage, O2 sabotage, reactor sabotage, venting, security cams.

Why Use this Among Us Map in Minecraft?

The above reasons are a good argument for downloading this Among us map. However, if previous reasons are not enough for you to install this map, here are a few more why you need to download it:

This map implements Among Us atmosphere into a Minecraft. The point is that this map was done manually. So, developers cared about every corner and every single block on the map. Also, unique smalled-down skins perfectly fit this minigame. They are adorable.

And the last reason is custom animated tasks added to this map. Developers not only copied original assignments but created new ones. That’s great.

The only disadvantage of this map is poor character customization. You can not put the cloth on your hero or have a pet with you. However, developers will modernize the map in the future. Customizing problem is just a matter of time.

Among Us
1.16 - 1.17