Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map for Minecraft PE

Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.9 - 1.13
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Minecraft provides one of the biggest free worlds in the video games industry. In Minecraft, there are over 60 biomes active, which is incredible. Also, in the game, there are some unused biomes, which can be modernized and added to the game soon. Be sure that no one game can boast of such numbers. 

However, Minecraft uses a rather primitive script to form maps. Therefore, most maps look the same, without any features. In addition, Minecraft is a fairly old game, so all locations have long been studied, and the survival mode is forgotten. That is the main problem that this video game is facing now.

But there is a fix for it – unique maps that change biomes. All of these maps strongly differ from each other. Some of them only slightly shift the relief, adding special relief features such as canyons, yards, frills, fields, and real mountains. Other completely changes the game, making it unrecognizable. That is why it is necessary to pick a suitable map.

One of those maps is Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map. Be sure you need to have this map installed. Why is this map so good? Read the guide to find out this!

Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map Guide

This map is available for 1.9.0-1.19.0 Minecraft PE versions. However, it is available only for the Pocket edition of Minecraft. That is the only disadvantage.

Generally, Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map is the best proportion of saving natural Minecraft Terrain and adding new objects to it. Be sure you will never find something similar to this map on the Internet. So, let’s find out what this map changes in the game.

Cold Biomes

The developers have done an excellent job on the cold biomes. Download this map, and you will understand that the winter season is perfectly detailed. All trees will look like snow mushrooms, and you will find many snowballs simply wandering around the world.

However, this is not the most significant change. The main thing is a unique winter forest in the mountain area, where there are practically no resources. Generally, there is almost no food in cold biomes, so be careful staying here. Also, do not construct your house here, as it might be challenging to survive for a long time.

Hot Biomes

This map makes hot biomes in a concept of desert. You will not see a lot of relief features in these locations. Still, you will be surprised by many different buildings and structures, which make hot biomes the most interesting to investigate on this map. 

Another feature of the hot biomes is a tonne of different villages. That makes this biome better for survival than the cold one. So, let’s continue with the last biome.

Common Biomes

Normal biomes take the most significant part of the Minecraft PE world. And they were changed the most. Using the Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map, you will meet a lot of new buildings, villages, and even relief features in normal biomes. The only thing that was not changed was the caves.

In conclusion, the only disadvantage of Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures Map is that it is only for Minecraft PE. In other aspects, this map is brilliant. However, it is not recommended to use this map for public servers is not recommended as it is too complicated. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide!

Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures
1.9 - 1.13