Village Map for Minecraft PE

Village Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.8.0 - 1.19.2
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Finding a village, especially when you start a game, is the best thing to happen with any Minecraft player. In a town, you can steal villagers’ resources, trade with them, and be under the golem’s protection if somebody attacks you.

Another benefit is that in the village you will always find a garden and some cave near it. So, it is always good to build your base near some town. However, there is one problem. The point is that traditional Minecraft villages appear too small. The village system is a few houses similar to each other. Even between the biomes, the difference between villages is too small. 

And there is a fix for this problem – a unique Village Map for Minecraft PE. Read the guide and find out what this map adds to the game. So, let’s start!

Village Map Guide in Minecraft PE

This mod is the best option if you are entirely bored with traditional villages. It adds three different maps with three new types of towns into the game: Cozy Village, Kurokuma Syndicate, and Medieval Villages.

Generally speaking, these towns are way more interesting than a standard one. They are larger and have many different items and constructions included. Continue reading the guide; you will find more information about each village.

Cozy Village in Minecraft 

The cozy village is the most similar to the classic one. Therefore, it was decided to start with this type of village. The main thing about it is that this village is much better protected than a common one. It is surrounded by a giant fence, which is a good protector for any zombie.

Additionally, there will be a few golems instead of 1 in traditional villages. And generally, this village is more extensive and has a more appropriate house location. Therefore, it is easy to move freely in the village. And it makes this town naturally cozy, just as it should be

Kurokuma Syndicate

Honestly, Kurokuma Syndicate is not a village; it is a city. There are a lot of shops, supermarkets, and even a park, with many trees in it. Be sure you will spend a lot of time exploring this syndicate’s territory.

But be careful, it is poorly protected, and there is no giant fence as in the cozy village. Therefore, take some weapons and put the armor on your character if you decide to explore Kurokuma Syndicate.

Medieval Village

This village is smaller than the previous one, but the fact is that it has a unique atmosphere. While you are in this village, different castles, wooden houses, and other ancient structures will surround you, which is exciting. Also, in the center of this village, there is a public market, where you can get the best items for the lowest price.

In conclusion, village maps are one of the best addons for Minecraft. They make it more interesting, whether you are an advanced player or a beginner.  However, be careful and download only previously tested out mods. Thank you for reading the guide!

Cozy Village
0.14.0 - 1.19.2
Kurokuma Syndicate
0.16.0 - 1.19.2
Medieval Village
1.8.0 - 1.19.2