Avatar Map for Minecraft PE

Avatar Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16.0 – 1.19.11
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Avatar map provides probably the best PvP arena in Minecraft PE. You can use it to fight with friends or launch your own Minecraft server. Be sure everybody will be satisfied with this map. Why is it so? Read the guide to find out.

Avatar Map for Minecraft PE Guide

On the Avatar Map, the player will be supposed to choose one element before starting the fight, just as in the real Avatar. So, you can opt for the water, fire, air, and earth element.

Depending on the element you choose, you will get superpowers. By choosing the air element, you will get a double jump; by choosing water, you will get a special water shield. These abilities will become your best friends through the fights.

However, do not worry about choosing the correct element. All elements have strong and weak sides. As a result, the fight will be well balanced, and you will not feel weak or conversely overpowered. And that is perfect.

Also, there are no limitations to playing on this map. You can even play solo to test out all elements and pick the best one for you. However, playing with three or more other players is recommended since this arena is large. Otherwise, you will find this map boring.

Avatar Map City

But not this map adds not only PvP arena. Also, you will be able to visit the avatar city, done manually by developers. Honestly, this city is superb, but it is not enough compared to the PvP arena, which is perfect.

One more thing you need to know is that you can find 12 unique Easter Eggs throughout the city. Be sure you will be pretty pleased with all of them. Also, you can compete with your friends who will find all eggs faster. However, it will be pretty hard to do, as the map is large.

In conclusion, the Avatar map is one of the best PvP arenas in Minecraft PE. Also, this map conveys the Avatar atmosphere into Minecraft, which is perfect. But only you decide whether to download this map or not. That is how it is.

1.16.0 – 1.19.11