Find the Button Map for Minecraft PE

Find the Button Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.4.0 – 1.19.2
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There are a considerable number of different map types in Minecraft PE. However, the fact is that minigame maps were always the most popular ones. Such maps mostly make Minecraft attractive, which is perfect. Therefore, these maps have returned a lot of players to Minecraft.  

One of the newest minigame maps is the Find the Button map. It is a solo minigame, and you will spend approximately 1 hour entirely completing it. So, if you are interested in it, continue reading the guide to find more information. 

What is the Find the Button Map

The entire game on this map will last ten rounds. In summary, you will be supposed to find ten stone buttons in 10 rooms. To be accurate, one switch will be hidden in one room. And the further you get, the harder it will be a level for you.

Also, there are two rules for this map. The first rule is to play on this map only in survival mode. If you use the creative mode, you can instantly find all buttons and skip all levels. Therefore, developers banned using creative mode on this map. 

The second and last rule is not to break blocks. If you break the blocks, even the last level will appear easy to you, which should not be so. That is why you can not break every single block on this map. 

So, when it is clear what the rules and the point of this map are, it is time to find out where to find these buttons. Doing it solo without any tips might appear challenging. Therefore, below are some valuable tips to find buttons faster.

  • Check out all chests. The most common place to hide the button is the chest. Therefore, through 10 levels, many buttons will be hidden in chests.
  • Jump. It might sound ridiculous, but it works. Some buttons are just attached to the ceiling. Therefore, simply by jumping, you will complete the level.
  • Try to find secret rooms. You will find a few hidden rooms with buttons inside level ten. So, сheck the walls and furniture, try to get into them. This works on this map.
Find the Button
1.4.0 – 1.19.2