Castle Maps for Minecraft PE

Castle Maps for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.10 - 1.17
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Naturally, in Minecraft, there are a lot of structures you can face playing the game. But the fact is that there are no castles in Minecraft. So, to fix this problem, people created unique castle maps. Read this guide, and you will find the best castle maps in Minecraft PE.

Castle Maps Guide in Minecraft PE

Until now, these maps are used to add castles to your map. Generally talking, despite having the same name, castle maps strongly differ. Some change the biome entirely, while others add only one single castle on the map. Also, these maps are the best options for the Hide and Seek minigame. So, let’s start with the rating!

Epic Castle Map

This map adds two medieval-style castles. Be sure you will find something to do with these castles, even because they are enormous. The first is a classic medieval castle, which you can find using coordinates 416 64 35. This castle will perfectly protect you from any monsters. Also, there will be five towers linked with this castle, four directly and one by the bridge.

The second castle is a full copy of Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. Honestly, it is one of the fascinating constructions in Minecraft PE. As in real life, this castle is divided into two separate structures: the main and the guest parts. In summary, there are over 20 beautiful rooms in this castle.

Better Minecraft Map

This map adds not even castles but completely changes the Minecraft PE. It adds new mobs, biomes, blocks, items, and palaces. They are not as large and fascinating as on the previous map. However, these castles are still worth your attention. But be careful; on this map, castles are used as montres spawners. Therefore, staying here all night is probably the worst decision. That is how it is.

Outer Castles Map

Outer Castles Map is the best addon for castles in Minecraft PE. When installed, many palaces will be randomly generated for your map every time you create the map. Castles can vary in size and appearance. Their look depends on the biome. Unfortunately, there are no specific coordinates for these castles. They are spawned in completely random places. Remember that they are primarily in deserts, forests, and ice plains. Also, there are a lot of traps inside these castles. So, be pretty careful and do not take all your resources when observing a palace. That is how it works.

Spa Castle Map

This map adds to the exact copy of one of the most famous spas in New York. This castle is the best source of relaxation and comfort in Minecraft PE. However, the best thing about this castle is that it is the best construction in Minecraft to hide from monsters at night. There are a lot of chests with a lot of food and other helpful resources. Generally, castle maps are worth installing. And what map to choose is only your decision. Thank you for reading this guide! Hope it was helpful for you!

Epic Castle
Better Minecraft
Outer Castle
1.16 - 1.17
Spa Castles
1.16 - 1.10