Connected Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Connected Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 – 1.18
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The Cubic world is the main disadvantage and the disadvantage of Minecraft at the same time. The point is that cubic thematic makes Minecraft gameplay maximally simple, allowing you to play the game. And the disadvantage is that Minecraft textures are becoming increasingly outdated year by year.

In this guide, you will learn about the texture pack, which will make Minecraft textures look more fresh, like in the new games. And it seems that every person that plays Minecraft needs it. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

Connected Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Guide

The best thing about this texture pack is that developers have made it as simple as possible. So, all you need to make this modification work is to install it and log into the game: no other applications or settings are needed to use the texture pack, just minimal efforts.

However, the main thing in the Connected Texture pack is that all textures in Minecraft PE will become seamless by installing this modification. Such a look makes the game more aesthetic, which is essential if you focus on the game graphics. It will look extraordinary for the first time, but in the future, you will get used to it and will not imagine Minecraft with classic textures. 

Moreover, developers did an excellent job of connecting different block types. For example, if you place the stone block on the grass, on the bottom of the stone, you will be able to see the surrounding grass, just like in real life. So, grass, sand, ores, and other Minecraft blocks have their unique animation as well.

Last but not the most minor advantage of this texture pack is that it is available for the newest Minecraft PE versions. So, no matter what device you use, this modification can be easily combined with others. And if you combine it with some realistic shaders, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

In conclusion, the Connected Texture Pack is worth installing. But honestly, these modifications will look attractive, not for everyone. Most players would be better off playing with classic Minecraft textures. That is how it is.

Connected Pack
1.16 - 1.18