Treetop Mod for Minecraft PE

Treetop Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17 - 1.18
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One of the most popular game modes in Minecraft PE is PvP. A lot of players enjoy it on public servers daily. However, it is not a secret that Minecraft is too poorly optimised for PvP. 

To solve this problem, people have created unique PvP mods. In this guide, you will find out about the mod, which adds a custom PvP map and new guns in Minecraft PE. If you are interested in it, let’s get started!

Treetop Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The first thing that this mod adds is the Lobby. Here you can chill out with your friends before the battle, visit a shop, and buy various items using gold. Also, there will be a unique VIP Lounge, and you can create special rules for attending this place.

The second important thing is the PvP arena, which is 75×75 blocks wide. To be honest, the stadium is not so small. However, you will be using guns playing in this arena, which is why this map might seem tiny. But do not worry about it; there are many places where you can hide on this map. So, the best decision is to not care about the size of this map.

But the main thing that this map provides is the 13 weapon kits. So, you can choose from Sniper rifle, AK-117, AK-47, Minigun, P90, M16, Shotgun, Submachine gun, Scar and sword. The other three kits are premium and will give you a few types of weapons. And you will be able to play with Sniper and AK-47 and switch between them.

To fire with these guns, you need to right-click. Notice, it should be only a single right-click; if you hold the right click to fire automatically like, in the shooters, your gun will start to reload. Just keep it in mind to not start reloading during the battle.

However, the disadvantage of this mod is that you need to play with friends using it. As it is PvP, it is impossible to spawn villagers, play with them, or play solo. But if you have friends playing Minecraft PE, this map is an excellent option to spend time together. That is how it is.

1.17 - 1.18