Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE

Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16
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It is not a secret that in 2022 in Minecraft, there are too many different modifications. They are mostly very different. In general, you can divide mods into those worth your attention and those which are not. Unfortunately, there are significantly fewer good mods. And it is a big problem.

Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE is that mod, which worth your attention. Be sure you will never regret downloading this mod. Why is it so? Read this guide, and you will find out all reasons. So, let’s start!

Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

This mod is a unique combination of Anime style and Minecraft. By using it, all Minecraft creatures will be transformed into anime girls. However, developers picked not-so-popular anime for the mod: AT2’s art and Yarr Cute mobs. Despite it, the result is fascinating.

This modification was done manually. All characters are pretty detailed, and they save the natural Minecraft look. So, it will be easy to differentiate one type of minions from another.

Generally, the mob’s appearance will depend on its type. For example, if the mod is peaceful, it will be mostly in bright and soft colors. Additionally, there will be some accessories that will identify natural Minecraft mobs. For example, custom chickens will wear special chicken caps.

If to talk about the enemy characters, they will always be in dark colors and wear some weapons. So, it will be easy to identify whether the characters are good. Keep it in mind.

What’s more, all mobs will save their functionality. So, you will be able to trade with villagers and kill animals to get meat. Also, installing this mod will not change health points, damage, and other characteristics. Isn’t it perfect?