Elevator Mod for Minecraft PE

Elevator Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.16.0
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It is not a secret that Minecraft players are one of the most creative in the video game industry. The proof of this is the endless number of different mechanisms and structures created by the players. This list can be started by automated farms for resource extraction and finished with other vital things.  One of the easiest and the most useful inventions is the elevator. And there is even an elevator mod, which will remarkably simplify the lifting process. Read this guide, and you will find out what it is and how it works

How Elevator Works in Minecraft PE

Even from the release of Minecraft in 2011 players were trying to create an ideal elevator. The simplest elevator was made from water. And it appeared too slow. After that, people started to use Redstone, Slime Block, and Sticky Pistons as the main components for the elevators. But this model appeared too expensive and required too many resources.

In conclusion, players created a special mod that allows you to lift using 1 block. To make the ideal working lift you need to download the Elevator mod and build the construction for it. That is how it works. However, let’s find out more information about it.

How Elevator Mode Works in Minecraft PE

The only thing that this block adds to the game is the Elevator block. Fortunately, this block you can make even in the survival mode. To make an Elevator block, you need to have 3 iron bars, a bar of gold, and 2 red stones. As you can see, it is pretty easy to do, just go for 10 minutes at the mine, and you will get all the necessary resources. And when you have them, follow this recipe.

However, the elevator block is only a part of the complete mechanism. When you have it, you are supposed to build the construction for it. Make the square 3×3 and put the elevator block in the center of the square. After that, build some protection around you using glass. And at this stage, you will face 1 more problem.

The point is that the elevator block has no limits. Therefore, you need to build some limitations that will force the lift to stop. To do it, you need to construct a 3×3 square on the top of the elevator and set the lift block the same way as at the bottom of the elevator. That is how it works.

Also, keep in mind that you can modernize the lift just as you want. Make the balcony or build the lift with different materials to create the flag of the country you live in or other prints. Also, you can experiment with the size of the lift. Our example is just the simplest lift without modernization. You can make your design and even copy a lift from real life. 

Elevator Block
0.14.0 – 1.16.0