Spectrum Shaders for Minecraft PE

Spectrum Shaders for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14.0 – 1.18.20
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If Minecraft textures start looking too ordinary for you and you find the game unattractive, one of the best decisions is to install shaders for Minecraft PE. Most shaders do not require a lot of smartphone resources but will significantly improve textures’ quality in Minecraft. That makes them an excellent way to enhance graphics in Minecraft PE.

By reading this guide, you will find out about the Spectrum shaders. These are one of the fascinating new types of shaders you can find in Minecraft PE nowadays. So, there is no time to lose; let’s get started!

Spectrum Shaders for Minecraft PE Guide

The only disadvantage of this shader pack is that it is available only for the mobile version of Minecraft PE. You can not install it on the Minecraft Bedrock or Java edition. However, developers of these shaders have announced that soon these shaders will be available for PC as well.

Probably the best time of the day to explore these shaders is the nighttime. First of all, it will become darker and therefore more dangerous. You will not be able to see approaching monsters. Also, at night time, there will be many more stars in the sky compared to classic Minecraft PE. And these stars will be more bright.

One more thing that is worth your attention is the fog. You will be able to see it after it rains or in the morning. And the mist will significantly shorten your vision. Therefore, it is not recommended to ignore it. 

And the last thing you need to know about these shaders is that they work in 3 dimensions. So, you can see maximally detailed textures in Nether, Ender and Classic dimensions. Be sure that a few more texture packs can boast the same results.

In conclusion, installing Spectrum shaders is a good decision. They work without glitches and do not strongly decrease your FPS, which is perfect if you are playing on old devices. Also, these perfects are perfectly suitable for video making. So, there are no reasons not to install this shaders pack.

1.14.0 – 1.18.20