Fast Building Mod for Minecraft PE

Fast Building Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 - 1.17
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No secret that building a vast and beautiful house in Minecraft PE is a challenging task. First, you will be required to farm a tonne of resources. Moreover, even if you have resources, you must spend a lot of time constructing a house, which is really hard.

To solve this problem, Minecraft mod developers have created many mods to help you build faster and more productively. In this guide, you will find out about one of the most interesting. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

Fast Building Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The main advantage of this modification over others is that installing it allows you to build not only simple houses but some castles, taverns, PVP arenas, and other exciting constructions. Honestly, using this modification, you can even construct a village. You only need to spawn a few houses and some citizens using a creative mode.

And to spawn a house, you must get a spawn egg first. However, you do not need a simple spawn egg; you are required to get a house spawn egg. You can craft this egg on the workbench even in survival mode with minimal effort.

Every spawn egg is made from the foundation block. This block is custom and will be added by installing this modification. You need eight iron blocks and one iron to get this block, which is pretty expensive. However, it seems that the foundation block is worth such expenses.

And when you have a foundation block, open the workbench and head to the crafting recipes. Here you will be able to find all receipts for crafting spawn eggs. However, it is not the final stage.

You must find free space when you have all stuff done and a spawn egg. The point is that most buildings you will summon with this modification have a considerable size. It would help if you used the spawn egg only when you have free space. That is how it is.

Fast Building
1.16 - 1.17