Oceano Shaders for Minecraft PE

Oceano Shaders for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17
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Most Minecraft PE shaders make significant water changes, and that is the fact. The point is that water in the original Minecraft is of poor quality. Therefore, there are a lot of changes that can be made to make water in Minecraft better.

However, there is even a shader pack focused on making water in Minecraft PE better. Read this guide to find out about the Ocean Shaders. Be sure you will be pleasantly surprised with these shaders. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

Oceano Shaders for Minecraft PE Guide

These shaders are often compared to the other shaders, like Vanilla or BSL. However, they can not be compared with others. The point is that other shaders are made to improve every aspect of graphics in Minecraft PE, but these shaders are created only to improve water. Of course, light, colour spectrum, and other graphic elements will be enhanced, but improving water is the side effect.

And if to talk about water, by installing these shaders, it will become excellent. Even the underwater space will be improved by installing these shaders. Also, when the weather is rainy, every drop of rain falling into the water will be reflected just like in real life. 

Moreover, sunlight will be reflected on the water. You might see this modification in many other shaders, but be sure; this one provides the best effect. And the best proof of it is the shader pack’s popularity. It can boast over 1,000,000 total downloads, which is an extremely high number.

However, this shader pack is not available for other versions of Minecraft. Also, it is impossible to install it on the iPhone. And that is probably the main disadvantage. But if you are a happy Android user, you must hurry up and install this shader pack. Be sure you will never find something similar to it.

Oceano Shaders