Jojos Bizarre Mod for Minecraft PE

Jojos Bizarre Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17
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Probably most anime fans already know about the JOJO Bizarre Adventure. It is one of the most popular manga, which inspired a lot of anime series all over the world. So, Jojos Bizarre Mod will add a lot of characters from the manga to Minecraft PE. If you are interested in it, continue reading the guide to find out more. Let’s start!

Jojos Bizarre Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Installing this modification will allow transform your character into a vampire. However, you can not simply transform into a vampire using some item in inventory or a command in the creative mod. To become a vampire, you need to go to the ruins.

Be careful; here, you will face a lot of traps and monsters, which will be trying to kill you. However, at the end of the labyrinth, you will find the wooden chest; there will be a ghost mask in this chest. Put this mask on your character, and you will become a vampire. 

And when you are a vampire, you will move faster, deal more damage, and have a lot of hp. But as any monster in Minecraft PE, you will always be burning under the sunlight. So, it is recommended to transform into a vampire only occasionally at night.

One more thing that this mod will add is stands. To get them, you need to use arrows, which you can find in the caves. Also, you can craft arrows following the receipt in the workbench. 

Generally, stands are like portable pets, each of which has unique power. But unfortunately, there is no time to discuss each of the stands separately. So, it is the list of all stands that will be added by installing Jojos Bizarre mod: Crazy Diamond, Created in Paradise, Gold Experience, Requiem Gold Experience, Crimson King, Sticky Finger, Special Pistols, World, Star Platinum, Hand, Gates of Paradise, D4C, Wrecking Ball, Act4, Weather Forecast, Soft and Wet, Miracle of You, Killer Queen, and Kira.

As you might see, the list of characters is enormous. So, you can be sure you will not get bored exploring this mod. Moreover, you can invite your friend, which will become more enjoyable. That is how it is. Hope reading it was helpful for you.

Jojos Bizarre