Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft PE

Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.15
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If Minecraft has become utterly boring for you, the only option is to install modifications and play with them. There are many different modifications on the net suitable for every Minecraft version. There are guns, space, PvP, real life and many other modifications that you can download.

In this guide, you will find out about the Gravity Gun Mod. This modification will allow you to teleport Minecraft creations, blocks, and even complete houses just as you want. So, let’s learn more about this mod.

Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use the Gravity Gun in survival mode. First, you must turn on cheat codes and, of course, creative mode. Only after that, you will be able to use the gun. 

However, remember that using and making fun with this gun on your main map is not recommended. You might create chaos that will be impossible to fix in the future. And when you are in the game, use the following commands to manage your gun. 

  • /GravityGun get – adds Gravity Gun to Inventory 
  • /GravityGun setPower (int) – sets the Gravity Gun launched distance.
  • /GravityGun setDistance (int) – sets the Gravity Gun hold distance.
  • /GravityGun setPPSpeed (int) – sets the Gravity Gun push/pull speed.
  • /GravityGun setRange (int) – sets the Gravity Gun range.
  • /GravityGun setGuiSize (int) – sets the Gravity Gun size.
  • /GravityGun setGuiTrans (int) – sets the Gravity Gun transparency.
  • /GravityGun setGuiHd (bool) – sets the Gravity Gun type.

Also, to use this modification, you need to install the Blocklauncher. Do not worry; it is a valuable launcher, and using it will allow you to play on custom servers and even create your one in Minecraft PE. But remember that you need to use the latest version of the Blocklauncher.

And the only disadvantage of this modification is that it works only for the 0.15 version of Minecraft PE. However, moving everything in Minecraft just as you want is worth installing the older version. That is how it is.

Gravity Gun