Heavy Machinery Mod for Minecraft PE

Heavy Machinery Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17 - 1.18
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If you find building in Minecraft boring, you can download various modifications to make this process more exciting or at least make it easier. This guide will find out about the Machinery Mod for Minecraft PE. By installing this modification, you will simultaneously make building more exciting and straightforward. And if you want to find out more, just continue reading this guide. 

Heavy Machinery Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, in the game will appear a few types of Heavy Machinery. However, added machines are not simple constructions; they are fully-functional heavy machines that can be built in Minecraft PE. Be sure you will never find something similar to this mod on the internet.

Fortunately, you can craft these machines in survival mode using a workbench. However, there is one significant disadvantage. To prepare every machine, you need to spend a lot of resources. But it seems that doing it is worth the result. Continue reading this guide to find out about a few of the most exciting machines this mod adds.


Machine What Does
Fence Builder. This is the machine that will automatically build a fence. And it has two modes; in the first, it will create an ordinary oak fence, and in the second, one two-high iron fence.
Highway Machine This is the giant heavy machine that will be added by installing this modification. And using this machine, you can make a natural highway. It has three modes: wooden, gray concrete, and classic black highway.
Drill Miner The best machine that will drill holes in everything. All resources you will obtain automatically while mining with this machine.
Rail Builder Probably one of the most effective machines. Using it, you can build railways, the best way to move through the Minecraft world.


In conclusion, Heavy Machinery Mod is one of the most exciting building modifications in Minecraft PE. Moreover, you can easily combine it with other mods or use it to start your public server. So, there are no reasons not to install this mod.


Heavy Machinery
1.17 - 1.18