Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE

Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18
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One of the main advantages and disadvantages of Minecraft PE is that this game is 2D. There are a lot of people who love it, and at the same time, the same amount of people would feel best if Minecraft was 3D.

By reading this guide, you will find out about Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE. This modification will add physics to all items in Minecraft, significantly improving the game. If you want more details about this mod, continue reading the guide.

Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE

So, the first thing that you need to know is that this modification does not work with traditional world settings. If you try to create the world with this modification, you will see that it does not work. Therefore, to make this modification work correctly, you need to turn on: Molang Features, Holiday Creator Features, and Mob Griefing. Be sure; without them, your modification will not work correctly.

Also, one more thing you must know about the Item Physics Mod is that it is regularly updated. In the recent update, developers have improved various things. For example, they fixed rendering for hand-equipped items, such as bone, stick, and bamboo.

Moreover, if you notice some bugs, you can quickly contact developers and ask them to fix it. Be sure your message will be noticed, and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. That is how it works.

And the last but not the slightest advantage of this modification is that it does not decrease FPS. Even if you have an old device, playing with this modification will not reduce your FPS, which is excellent. So, feel free to use Item Physics Mod on any smartphone.

In conclusion, Item Physics Mod is one of the most exciting modifications you can download nowadays. It can be easily combined with other mods, which is exceptionally cool. However, whether to install it or not is only your decision.

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