Natural Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Natural Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14.0 – 1.19.2
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Unfortunately, even if you are the biggest Minecraft fan, this game, like any other, might start to be boring. It is hardly believable, but it is true. Of all things in the game, Minecraft textures will become the dullest and most ordinary for you. 

However, there is a solution to this problem. You can download the texture pack. Despite being quite unpopular, these packs are one of the best modifications you can download for Minecraft PE. Using them, you can make your Minecraft 3D, enable night vision, or make all blocks invisible.

Read this guide to find out about the Natural Texture Pack for Minecraft. How does texture pack work, and can you download it on a PC? You will get answers to all of these questions. Let’s start!

Natural Texture Pack Guide for Minecraft PE

As it is obvious from the texture pack name, it is aimed at natural textures. Such texture packs were always one of the most popular ones. Downloading them or not is only a matter of taste.

Additionally to textures, this pack also changes many other aspects of the game, such as food, different items, water, and creatures. Remember that it is not the complete list of things the Natural Texture pack touches.

Also, one more thing that you need to know is that the Natural Texture pack is divided into 3 chapters. You can download them separately or install all of them and change between them whenever you want. It is only your decision.

First Chapter of Natural Texture Pack 

The first chapter is the most straightforward variation of the Natural Texture Pack. Installing the first chapter will add only some minor changes to the game. So, you can download it to test out this texture pack.

Honestly, this texture pack variant will make the texture more cartoonish and smooth. Also, creatures’ faces will start to look more extraordinary. It refers mainly to peaceful creatures, such as villagers and animals. In conclusion, this texture pack variation fits mostly for kids.

Second Chapter of Natural Texture Pack

The second chapter is similar to the first but provides some valuable updates. Generally, developers used the same textures but modernized them. Blocks and items started to be more detailed and look like real-life items.

Also, this chapter of the texture pack affects many other items in the game. So, developers have updated some types of food, workbench, chests, and inventory. One more benefit is that products in Minecraft, such as a carrot, meat, wheat, and others, start to look more natural.

Third Chapter of Natural Texture Pack

The third chapter is the last, ready-to-use, and the best variation of the Natural Texture Pack. All textures and blocks will be changed using the finished variation of this pack. However, there is one disadvantage. The third chapter might slightly decrease your FPS. So, if you are playing from the old device, consider downloading previous versions of this texture pack. That is how it works.

In conclusion, it can not be said that this pack is necessary to install. However, if you want to test out something new in Minecraft or if you enjoy the natural textures, this pack is probably one of the best options to choose. So, that is all with the Natural Texture pack in Minecraft. Hope you find this guide helpful!

Chapter 1
1.14.0 – 1.19.2
Chapter 2
1.14.0 – 1.19.2
Chapter 3
1.14.0 – 1.19.2