McDonald’s Map for Minecraft PE

McDonald’s Map for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.4.0 – 1.19.11
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Mcdonald’s is the most popular fast food in the world. It is available in over 120 countries worldwide, which is impressive. Moreover, at the moment of writing, Mcdonald’s has approximately 50,000 restaurants. Probably every person in the world knows about Mcdonald’s.

As a result, there are many Mcdonald’s modifications in Minecraft PE. And one of the best is the Mcdonald’s map. Read this guide to find out if this map is the worst installation. No time to lose; let’s start.

McDonald’s Map for Minecraft PE Guide

Installing this map adds not only the McDonald’s building, but the entire town into Minecraft PE. So, you will not get bored fastly and can play on this map for at least one day, which is good. And, of course, that is the advantage of Mcdonald’s Map.

Another advantage of this map is that it is probably the best option for RolePlay. The point is that developers have done Mcdonald’s manually. So, inside it you will see furniture like in the actual fast food and many simple Redstone mechanisms, which allow you to make a roleplay.

Moreover, on this map, you can role play even solo. The point is that villagers might become your customers as well. Therefore, you can work as a waiter and serve them, but not the actual players. However, no doubt that interacting with real players is much more interesting than with NPC. So, create the local server and play with your friends.

However, the best option is to launch not local but public servers using this mod. Be sure, and it will be pretty interesting for players to see real McDonalds in Minecraft. Therefore, your server will be pretty successful.

But this map has one valuable disadvantage. The point is that it is available only for the 1.16 Minecraft PE version. And like any other map, it will not be updated in the future, that is a pity. However, there are a lot of mods for the 1.16 version as well. So, you have to try out this map at least.

McDonald's Map
1.4.0 – 1.19.11